Unofficial Bootleg presents:: Grayster’s 5 for 5 Mix

Always looking for new ways to wet your musical appetite, the crew of us were thinking on different ways to present you with some of our favourite tracks outside of our monthly dopecast and regularly bringing you posts on the freshest tunes. That’s when we came up with the idea of a mix, (original I know) that somehow changed things up a little. We decided to create a sort of DJ challenge, that would also challenge us, presenting a DJ with 5 or 6 of our favourite tracks to be mixed with 5 or 6 of their favourite tracks (current or otherwise) and ask them to create a mix out of the compiled list. In return we would create an accompanying mix to see how the same tracks would be approached and mixed by different DJ’s. With that we approached Grayster, a now St. John’s local, originally hailing from the UK whose taste in music and skill as a DJ we completely admire. He kindly agreed and we handed him a jump drive with 5 tracks. He took them home had a listen and then had a hell of a lot of fun mixing them with 6 of his favourite tracks to create a tidy little 55 minute mix filled with a tonne of deep niceness and rolling bass!!

So with that, enjoy the first instalment in what we hope will be a very successful experiment.

Grayster’s 5 of Your’s & 5 of Mine Mix (Well, 6, Oops) Free Download

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