INTERVIEW with Sticky Stockholm

just a couple days ago, i had the pleasure of stumbling across the sounds of Sticky Stockholm, producer/dj and 12-3 recordings label head based out of Sweden. needless to say his music is great, and so is he.

we managed to put together some form of weird internet hybrid interview below. so have a read and enjoy the insightful hilarity provided by Sticky.

ub: first off, who the f**k is Sticky Stockholm? and when did you realize that making people dance was what you had to do?

SS: Sticky Stockholm is the Ron Swanson of house music.

I realized I needed to be a dj when I was three years old, mixing Moody Mann-casettes around nappy time at my kinder garden. Those kids were mad ignorant though, most of them just slept, instead of dancing.

ub: what have you been working on through most of 2011?

SS: Getting the label up and running, I’ve been producing a shitload of tracks and remixes, and we’ve organized some five or ten label nights in Stockholm, with the whole crew playing.

That has all been super mega fun.

ub: highlight of 2011?

SS: Getting married to Sandy Loops! And founding 12-3!

ub: favourite track/ and or tracks of 2011?

SS: I could go on forever, but Thug It Out by Luca Lozano, obviously, Body Holly by Prince Club, Jon Bovi by Catz N Dogz and Wild Horses by Sandy.

All amazing tracks!

ub: favourite producer of 2011?

SS: I think I have to say Luca Lozano, Orphans STHLM or Prince Club, mostly because their tracks are the ones I’ve been playing the most in my sets.

ub: biggest influence (musical or otherwise) what gets you creating? keeps you going?

SS: Im influenced by so much stuff, sometimes its’ real obvious, sometimes not. But I could name five things that I find real inspirational:

1: A well done Old Fashioned 2: Every snare ever made by Catz N Dogz 3: Eli Manning 4: Sound Pellegrino 5: Listening to interviews with rappers I like.

ub: favourite genre? are you always listening to electronic music, or do you find you produce it and cannot be bothered to listen to it otherwise haha.

SS: I do listen to enormous amounts of house music, every day, from morning till late night. So yeah, house music would be my favourite genre. That said, I listen to large amounts of rap music, and I’m a total sucker for everything Bon Iver and Arcade Fire does. Super diverse taste I guess, or schizophrenic. Depends on how you see it.

ub: what programs and equipment do you always find yourself using in the studio?

SS: I produce everything in Logic, because it’s logic. A good pair of AKG headphones always comes in handy, Genelec Monitors are the best, and the Korg app for iPad is my favourite surprise of 2011!

ub: how about live gigs? have they been plentiful, and what is the live setup like when you do play?

SS: I’ve played a lot during 2011, in Stockholm mostly. I do prefer to play with a proper Serato-setup, cds or vinyls. But I could go for a strict cd-set as well, just don’t like the endless hours spent on burning cds.

The live highlight of 2011 has of course been our Label Nights, epic fun.

ub: your record label 12-3 recordings, when did you start it? can we expect a busy 2012 from you guys?

SS: 2012 will be crazy busy! Already we have some great releases planned.

We started in January 2011, so we’re still super young as a label, but I’m so proud of our achievements to date. We’ve got new records from Orphans, me, Sandy and a bunch of other cool people coming the next year.

ub: do you find running a record label compliments your work as a producer/ makes it easier to get your music out there?

SS: Yes, I like the fact that I get the whole spectra. Obviously, releasing music is massive fun, and I get to be first with loads of the dopest new tunes. That’s amazing.

Also, I really appreciate being able to control the full process, from production to release date, I’m very rainman like that.

ub: now, this is where we get serious. 

favourite breakfast food? (probably the most important question you’ll answer)

SS: Coffee. And sometimes in the weekends, me and Sandy do a weird combination of a German früschtuck and the traditional English breakfast. It’s peculiar and enormous.

ub: moving forward, where do you see sticky stockholm? where do you want/would you like to go with it?

SS: I want the Swedish Polar Music Prize. It’s a super pretentious music prize, kind of like the Nobel prize for music, given to you by the Swedish king, who I’m pretty sure never listens to music.

ub: you think you’ll still be making music after dec. 21 2012? Haha

SS: Hehe, that was my hey-I’m-drunk-and-boring new years joke “Dude! Happy new years! Soon we’ll all be dead!”

ub: what can we look forward to from sticky stockholm, sandy loops, and 12-3 recordings in the near future?

SS: We’ll be hosting some dope parties in Stockholm this spring, and we’ve got my new solo ep coming in January, plus the new Orphans-EP in February, it’s going to blow your minds, and a new four track Sticky & Sandy EP coming in February/march, we’ve worked on it for almost sixth months, but we’re super happy with the end result.

ub: this all sounds incredible, and we look forward to hearing it. thanks so much and laugh around.

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and what’s a post without a treat of some sort. just released today, its a new remix off label mate Orphans STHLM Play Remix Ep (which will be available in full next week via 12-3 recordings!!)

Orphans STHLM – Play (Sticky Stockholm Remix)

we also like giving you music too (if you haven’t noticed) here’s a FREE download of a remix he recently did for The Sexicanz.

The Sexicanz – Bring Some Weeed To The DJ Booth (Sticky Stockholm Superdank Edit)




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