Yeteez :: On My Feet EP// We Are Your Music Mate

For a long time I had been noticing that most of the music I was listening to was coming from two distinct places, the UK and Germany. However, in the past couple of months I have noticed another emerging location for top-notch, absolutely-killer, deep house and that location is none other than Poland. There has been some amazing productions coming from Viadrina, Yeteez, Tom Bednarczyk, and a whole pile of other talented musicians whose names end in “czyk”.

Yeteez just sent over their newest EP ‘On My Feet’, which features 3 super dope original tracks and 3 solid remixes from Martin Augustin, DJ Mic Ostap, and The Phantom. On My Feet will be released on beatport and other fine electronic music portals on May 7th. I seriously urge everyone to pick this up, Yeteez are making some amazing music that you need to hear.

Yeteez- I Want You

Yeteez – On My Feet

Yeteez – On My Feet (Martin Augustin’s Slap It Remix)

Yeteez – I Want U (DJ Mic Ostap Remix)

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